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Project 365, Day 037

6 Feb


Let their be light

This is not an original picture, this type of picture has been taken before, however it seems apt to place a dirty, dusty bulb lighting up as a beacon of hope for the world.

The middle east is going through a period of change, we are facing and have faced numerous natural disasters, flooding in Australia, Brazil and extremely under mentioned by the news organisations my country, Sri Lanka. Basic staples to survive are rising in cost due to food shortages, we are barely recovering from a crippling economic collapse.

But I believe in a fools hope, the way we see one another is changing we are communicating with our peers locally and on a global scale, no longer do we act with ignorance or prejudice we have been given tools of expression, education and communication that is uniting the globe.

This year, 2011 is the year of global communication, thanks to facebook and twitter the world has just become a very small place.

Project 365, Day 001 – Happy New Year

1 Jan

Project 365 has officially begun. Starting at 12:01 am on New Years Day.

I’ve never had an eye for art, colours forget it, understanding what a photographer is trying to convey, don’t even go there. For this sort of project, I realised that in order to make it interesting, make more than just pictures I need to give it some meaning, allow it to tell a story. Whether these pictures do that I’m not sure, rather than keep you guessing about it I’m going to post a small excerpt below each image letting you know why I chose this particular picture and what it means to me.

Project 365, Day 001

Trying to decide on what to shoot was difficult, initially I wanted to take a picture of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea because the book resonated with, exploring the unknown (my piteous effort at photography 🙂 make the impossible possible and pushing ourselves to strive for that which others is unattainable.

But I finally decided that for my first picture I wanted it to be special, more than an image, I wanted to show a fresh start for 2011 and try to convey an emotion – hope, belief that we can overcome the tests of our time. Trying to come up with a concept for that was difficult but I got lucky when taking pictures of fireworks, a heart-shaped burst in a dark unlit sky, perfect.

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