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Sakura the saving grace

25 Feb

Anyone who has seen Smallville can attest to the fact that it has got a basic formula for every episode, somethings happens and Clark has to solve it and spend the last 10 minutes talking the Lana about it and their relationship while the audience snoozes.

He would have made a better choice 😛

Now they expect Kirsten Kruek (Lana) to carry the first Street Fighter movie after the critically acclaimed Van Damme version to succcess and any any future movies fans would want to watch such as *cough Ryu and Ken would be made only if this movie which seems to be going the Halle Berry Catwoman way.

Now I have no problems with them basing movie on the background of Chun Li as she is one of the title characters of the games but the casting as any google search will prove is all wrong and leading towards one big box office catastrophe. Just watch any of the trailers they are all bad. Kirsten Kruek just can’t show the strength, power and depth of Chun Li’s character.

Capcom has probably finally seen the movie and realised that the movie is not working out at all and they need to help give it a push to cover the budget and are releasing an animated short on Sakura at the end on the movie after the credits roll. This will be done by the same company behind the animations of the Street Fighter 4 game and should be far more pleasing than the live action disaster.

Quake Live Beta Open to All

22 Feb

Good news to Quake fans everywhere the Quake Live will be open to the public for beta testing on the 24th February. The servers are going to be down while they remove inactive accounts.

Quake Live is a modified version of Quake 3 and will be a free ad supported web based game. If this proves successful we may see more titles taking this route, if I am not mistaken The Witcher developers are trying the same for their flagship title The Witcher.

Quake Live Screenshot

Keep checking the dev teams website for more details.

Shh…”netbooks” coprighted

21 Feb

A strange story I read on OSNews about the word netbook which seems to have been copyrighted by a small company years before the actual mini-laptops came out.

Today a small company Psion is battling out in court against the giants to get their copyright back. Its a very strange scene almost as bad as Paris Hilton */shiver/* copyrighting or trying to copyright the word “Thats Hot!”
Read more up about it here.

Mod Spot: Black Mesa Source

20 Feb

The year was 1998, and it was the greatest year in video gaming The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released and it caused a sensation amongst gamers clamouring to play the Hyrulean hero of time. In the same year a game that many publishers had claimed was too ambitious was released on the PC to critical acclaim winning numerous game of the year awards. This game was Half Life and introduced players to their geeky hero and beloved crowbar.

The game was released again using its sequels Source Engine but the same textures and models. Which unfortunately unlike its sequel have not aged well, so a group of modders got together and decided to do something about it and have put together the Black Mesa Source Mod, which is a total conversion of the original game bringing it up to date with the visual standard of Half Life 2.

A little over 10 years have passed and finally the game will get the upgrade it truly deserves and enthral and excite a the generation of gamers who only know Half Life 2. Visit the site and show your support and thank the developers and spread the word about this awesome mod.

Check out the Black Mesa website here

Netbook + Linux = ?

17 Feb

Netbooks have come a long way from the tiny EeePC that first debuted almost two and a half years ago on the 16th of October 2007, from that day the world was taken by storm by these sub-sized laptops and their potential.

Especially the GNU/Linux community who have tried to port the Linux kernel from microwaves to the PS3 and everything in between. Seriously they have tried to port the kernel into some really strange things just try googleing it the answer may surprise you. In fact its fairly fascinating how far into the market the Linux kernel has penetrated, such as digital watches or microwaves.

After successful ports of the Linux kernel to Desktops and Laptops the community turned its attentions onto these new netbooks, a device with unlimited potential, being the first netbook on the market the EeePC got tremendous exposure by enthusiasts who immediately started to port their distro of choice onto the little machine.

Linux Distributions for EeePC

Keyboard / Console Mouse X11 Graphics Audio Ethernet Wireless 802.11b/g Wireless 802.11n SDHC Cardreader UVC Webcam
FreeBSD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
OpenBSD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
NetBSD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes with patch Yes Yes
Arch Linux Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Debian Yes Yes, as PS/2 or ImPS/2[87]; no fine tuning of Elantech touchpads without a kernel patch Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Windows XP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
openSUSE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS X Yes Yes Yes out only No Yes Yes No Yes

Source: Wikipedia

Along we come to fall 2008 a year later and countless other companies have seen the profits to be made by making netbooks, and jumping in as part of the craze I got myself a Acer Aspire One (AAO).

The specs are:
Processor: Intel Atom 270 1.6Ghz
HardDrive: 120GB
Ram:       512Mb
OS:       Windows XP Home

Now being a windows user I have never paid much attention to the Linux distributions, but I was curious to try and run one but refused to do so on my desktop so AAO was going to be my test machine. After spending countless hours on google trying to figure out how to dual boot on the AAO as it does not come with a CD/DVD drive I need to borrow an external DVD drive.

I installed Ubuntu 8.10 and spent a couple of days trying to get the wifi drivers to work I found it too much work and gave up as the settings refused to work despite the excellent guide posted on the Ubuntu website and switched to Fedora 10 with which the wifi worked out of the box.

Installing Fedora as with the Ubuntu setup was a fairly simple process the only thing I needed to be cautious about was not to overwrite my Windows XP or do a full system format. After that the install pretty much took its own course without have to keep pressing OK or choosing options like in a Windows setup.

Being a novice GNU/Linux user I was fairly suprised by how easy I found it to get around and do my tasks, also the boot time is significantly faster on Fedora than Windows XP but the battery life is about half an hour shorter. The only complain I have about Fedora and other GNU/Linux Distros are how complicating installing software is, you need to download the RPM or Source Code and the either compile the sorce and install or install the program directly, I found the process too cumbersome and annoying especially if I need to install dependencies.

But apart from that its a seemless transition from windows to linux and I found a few resources online with which to learn linux on check them out its a great beginners resource even more experienced users will find it helpful.

The Shuttleworth Foundation: Learn Linux

This is by the visionary behind Ubuntu its a perfect beginner guide and has sections on System and Network Administration as well as a section on Shell Scripting.

It also has an interactive training environment (forum) so you can connect with others studying as well. I haven’t tried it yet as I found google a faster help.

Woot second post of nonsense

16 Feb

Well so far my blogging experiance is a single post and I am still trying to figure out what works with my blog and what does not.

I really like the theme “journalist v1.9” its very clean and simple and you can’t really go wrong with black and white. After adding a few widgets and removing others I think I have gotten most of the basic blog tools and search options for the blog.

Just need to figure out how to allow comments to be posted automatically without having to be approved by me.

Well till my first substantial post cya.

Is anyone out there…

15 Feb

Welcome to Tough as Pixels,

This is my blog or my attempt at blogging to get my ideas, thoughts and hours of philosophical pondering on life and all its many mystical reason.

But a more solid idea about what my blog will be about is:

  • Video Games
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Reviews of the Above
  • Game Designs
  • Cooking and Recipes
  • Web and Software Development
  • Politics
  • and other interesting things

So their you have it that’s more or less the gist of what my blog may be about but as is written

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings

So till next time or next post hope to see you again.

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