Project 365, Day 001 – Happy New Year

1 Jan

Project 365 has officially begun. Starting at 12:01 am on New Years Day.

I’ve never had an eye for art, colours forget it, understanding what a photographer is trying to convey, don’t even go there. For this sort of project, I realised that in order to make it interesting, make more than just pictures I need to give it some meaning, allow it to tell a story. Whether these pictures do that I’m not sure, rather than keep you guessing about it I’m going to post a small excerpt below each image letting you know why I chose this particular picture and what it means to me.

Project 365, Day 001

Trying to decide on what to shoot was difficult, initially I wanted to take a picture of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea because the book resonated with, exploring the unknown (my piteous effort at photography 🙂 make the impossible possible and pushing ourselves to strive for that which others is unattainable.

But I finally decided that for my first picture I wanted it to be special, more than an image, I wanted to show a fresh start for 2011 and try to convey an emotion – hope, belief that we can overcome the tests of our time. Trying to come up with a concept for that was difficult but I got lucky when taking pictures of fireworks, a heart-shaped burst in a dark unlit sky, perfect.


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