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Sakura the saving grace

25 Feb

Anyone who has seen Smallville can attest to the fact that it has got a basic formula for every episode, somethings happens and Clark has to solve it and spend the last 10 minutes talking the Lana about it and their relationship while the audience snoozes.

He would have made a better choice 😛

Now they expect Kirsten Kruek (Lana) to carry the first Street Fighter movie after the critically acclaimed Van Damme version to succcess and any any future movies fans would want to watch such as *cough Ryu and Ken would be made only if this movie which seems to be going the Halle Berry Catwoman way.

Now I have no problems with them basing movie on the background of Chun Li as she is one of the title characters of the games but the casting as any google search will prove is all wrong and leading towards one big box office catastrophe. Just watch any of the trailers they are all bad. Kirsten Kruek just can’t show the strength, power and depth of Chun Li’s character.

Capcom has probably finally seen the movie and realised that the movie is not working out at all and they need to help give it a push to cover the budget and are releasing an animated short on Sakura at the end on the movie after the credits roll. This will be done by the same company behind the animations of the Street Fighter 4 game and should be far more pleasing than the live action disaster.

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