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Mod Spot: Kotor 2 Fix

14 Oct

Knights of the Old Republic 2, we feel, is a fantastic game. It’s also undoubtedly a wounded game: a lonely game that knows it’s incomplete as it is but just can’t bear to admit it to itself. It’s okay, KOTOR2. We’re here for you. Shhhh. We’re here.

These are the brave words by the developers trying to fix the game for us all.

Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) was an RPG created by Bioware that takes place about 4000 years before the Star Wars movies. The game broke countless boundaries and won numerous awards, needless to say a sequel was in the works and expectations were very high.

For KOTOR 2, the developers behind the Never Winter Nights series were given the reigns, but they had to rush in order to meet the holiday deadline and needless to say the game was incomplete and felt unpolished. Fortunately they had made a nearly complete game and the modders took it upon themselves to add this missing content.

To see whats missing visit the team gizka website.

Also check out the trailer for The Old Republic, it looks amazing but proceed with caution. It will get your geek on 🙂

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