Project 365, Day 035

4 Feb


Tried to use bluemarine but I can’t figure it out, so another noise reduced picture courtesy of gimp.


Project 365, Day 034

3 Feb

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake much better than the cartoon

First time that I’ve tried to edit a photo on gimp to make the colours more lively and improve the results, not quite happy going to try again with a Lightroom clone called bluemarine 🙂

Project 365, Day 033

2 Feb

Here comes the rain again

Project 365, Day 032

1 Feb

Beauty its only skin deep

Project 365, Day 030

30 Jan

Reflections of stained glass

Project 365, Day 028

28 Jan

Sunsetting on my busy little metropolis

Project 365, Day 026

26 Jan

A baby Squirrel.

A curious squirrel

Curious? Yes curious, I say this little guy while walking on the road, I managed to snap this picture from quite the distance afraid to get closer in case he runs off. He was hanging around for a few minutes cautiously peeking into the hole behind him before ducking in to explore a whole new world.

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