Project 365, Day 015

15 Jan

Sticking to the plan.

Colour theory in Red

I read up on a few tips for taking pictures with a point and click and one piece of advice that made tremendous sense was about taking profiles or shallow depth of field shots with the soft snap (portrait) preset and wide depth of field with the landscape preset, to compensate the lack of manual aperture and shutter speed.

Taking that and the lack of sunlight into consideration I tried taking pictures of flowers, the above result is the sharpest but not my favourite, that is the one below.


One Response to “Project 365, Day 015”

  1. jeremymcnair January 15, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    Hey, great posts! For using a point and click camera, your pictures have been turning out really well. I just go around with the camera on my phone, so these are a huge improvement… haha. Keep it up!

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