Mod Spot: Black Mesa Source

20 Feb

The year was 1998, and it was the greatest year in video gaming The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released and it caused a sensation amongst gamers clamouring to play the Hyrulean hero of time. In the same year a game that many publishers had claimed was too ambitious was released on the PC to critical acclaim winning numerous game of the year awards. This game was Half Life and introduced players to their geeky hero and beloved crowbar.

The game was released again using its sequels Source Engine but the same textures and models. Which unfortunately unlike its sequel have not aged well, so a group of modders got together and decided to do something about it and have put together the Black Mesa Source Mod, which is a total conversion of the original game bringing it up to date with the visual standard of Half Life 2.

A little over 10 years have passed and finally the game will get the upgrade it truly deserves and enthral and excite a the generation of gamers who only know Half Life 2. Visit the site and show your support and thank the developers and spread the word about this awesome mod.

Check out the Black Mesa website here

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